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about us

L-ife is an innovative company that uses the natural properties of hyphae that have been available for millions of years to address today's environmental problems, integrating science, agriculture and manufacturing to make mycelium technology available to everyone.

Thanks to the properties of the mycelium and our two-stage incubation process, we are able to create resistant, long-lasting structures of any shape.

The mycelium is developed on waste products from the wood industry appropriately limited in the desired shape and thanks to the encapsulation process, the customized creation process makes L-ife unique in its kind.

L-ife products are considered CO2 negative, completely natural and 100% compostable. The unique silk-effect texture of the L-ife material  has no equal: a unique tactile experience that the customer will remember forever and without comparison in the field of synthetic products.

due funghi in un prato
due funghi marroni in un prato


fungo ammanita in mezzo altri funghi

Engineering and development of production processes

insieme di funghi in un tronco
funghi bianchi e viola su muschio verde

Web designer and social media manager

gruppo di funghi
gruppo di funghi su muschio

Senior technician in air quality and indoor emissions

fungo pleorotus in mezzo a fili di erba
fungo pleorotus in mezzo a fili di erba

Senior mushroom breeding technician

funghi galletti gialli su muschio
funghi galletti gialli su muschio

Administration and finance

fungo porcino in mezzo all'erba
fungo porcino in mezzo all'erba

Communication and marketing strategies

funghi pioppini su muschio e tronco
funghi pioppini su muschio e tronco

Designer and brand identity

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