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Displays and exhibition spaces in mycelium

Welcome to the future of display design, where nature and innovation come together to create exceptional solutions.


Our range of displays are made entirely of mycelium, a revolutionary material in the world of sustainable design.

Mycelium, the root system of fungi, is the basis of these unique displays. This exceptional material is not only environmentally friendly, but also offers unparalleled texture and feel. The surface of our displays is extraordinarily soft, generated by the interweaving of the hyphae, giving a velvety, luxurious feel that is perfect for enhancing your products.


Choosing our mycelium displays means embracing a sustainable future without compromising elegance and style. It's an opportunity to stand out, showing the world that beauty and ecology can go hand in hand.

Velvety Sensation


The soft surface of the displays, resulting from the natural intertwining of mycelium hyphae, invites touch, creating a unique sensory experience for customers.



Mycelium is an environmentally friendly choice, reflecting your company's commitment to sustainability. It is biodegradable, renewable and requires fewer resources to produce than traditional materials.

Innovative design


Each display is a piece of art, combining elegance and functionality. The modern, clean design fits perfectly into any environment, enhancing the products on display.

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