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Why mycelium

Using waste and having sustainable management of your production chain will no longer be sufficient in an environment that is already compromised and will need to be remediated.

Our goal is to give the end user the opportunity to actively contribute to the restoration of our environment by choosing products that by definition are capable of trapping CO2 and at the same time improving living conditions in our indoor environments.


Trapping CO2 it's just the first step. The products of L-ife, thanks to the degradation of the hyphae, transform CO2 contained in wood industry waste in organic material assimilable by plants.

When a L-ife product is used as a fertilizer or as compost, the CO2 converted into organic carbon will be a nutrient and no longer CO2  free, definitively eliminating 156 grams per kg of L-ife product.

100% compostabile

Fully compostable products in 140 days.
The hyphae convert carbon dioxide stored in the form of lignin into available food.

Acoustic insulation

The mycelium with its microscopic texture cancels out any acoustic reverberation.

0% chemical components

There are no chemicals of any kind. The l-ife products do not have any polymers or other chemicals in them. 


The hyphae that generate L-ife products can only proliferate in pollutant-free conditions and on completely natural products. This makes them completely organic.


The encapsulation process of L-ife products produces a fireproof layer.


Mycelium makes L-ife products water-repellent, a feature that extends the life time of products exposed to normal indoor conditions.

Thermal insulation

Thanks to the unique pattern of hyphae that generate an extremely light porous structure, L-ife products are thermal insulators.

Filtrating material

The mesh developed during the special incubation process is capable of trapping particulate matter passing close to the product.

Plastic free

We have chosen to be plastic free. No single-use plastics are used throughout the product creation process and there are no plastic materials on the product and packaging

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