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Packaging in micelio

Rivoluziona il tuo imballaggio con il futuro del packaging sostenibile: il micelio.

Questo materiale rivoluzionario rispetta l'ambiente ed è anche completamente compostabile, trasformandosi in nutrienti preziosi per la terra.

Scegliere il nostro packaging in micelio significa non solo proteggere i tuoi prodotti, ma anche contribuire attivamente alla salvaguardia del pianeta.

Il packaging in micelio permette la completa personalizzazione, tramite la creazione di telai e stampi di crescita a partire dai disegni e rendering dei vostri packaging aziendali esistenti.

Velvety sensation

The texture of mycelium packaging is unique: soft and silky touch, it offers a pleasant sensorial experience for both the seller and the consumer, distinguishing itself from traditional packaging.

Compostable and nutritious

After use, it can simply be composted, helping to nourish the soil with beneficial elements.

It is the perfect match for those looking to reduce environmental impact and promote a sustainable product life cycle.

Low production costs


Our mycelium incubation process requires a low up-front cost, allowing you to get customized shapes suited to your specific needs without burdening your budget. This makes it not only sustainable but also cost-effective compared to traditional alternatives such as pressed paper pulp packaging.

Thermal insulator

Mycelium packaging offers exceptional thermal insulation properties, protecting your products from temperature variations during transport. It's the ideal solution for shipping items that require a controlled environment.


Compostable packaging chips 

Discover the chips of mycelium!

We have extended our sustainable product line by introducing mycelium chips: one solution revolutionary for the bulk filling of packages and products. These chips retain all the exceptional characteristics of our mycelium packaging, offering a practical and versatile option for a variety of packaging needs.

The great innovation of our mycelium chips is their standardized production process. In fact, it completely eliminates the upfront costs of creating custom shapes, making the chips an immediately available and affordable solution for businesses of any size.

Like all our customized mycelium packaging, the chips are completely compostable and help nourish the soil after their use. Furthermore, they possess exceptional thermal insulation properties, effectively protecting your products during transport.

Mycelium chips are delicate to the touch, similar to silk, offering a safe protection without scratching or damaging the packaged items. Their unique texture ensures a pleasant and surprising unboxing experience for your customers.

By opting for mycelium chips, you choose not only eco-friendly packaging, but also an efficient and practical option for your business. Join us in the mission to reduce environmental impact and promote a greener, more sustainable future.

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